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Hair Buns

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How to Do a Bun

You will need:

*A brush
*A tail comb
*Strong hair elastics
*Strong bun pins (sometimes called fringe pins or French pins. They are V- shaped and should not easily bend when you flick them. Do not use bobby pins to secure a bun - they simply don’t work!)
*Bun nets (fine nets looking a little like spiders webs)
*Bobby pins/hairclips/headband

What to do

1. Brush hair thoroughly.
2. Brush and gather hair to centre back of head and secure into a ponytail.
3. Ensure elastic is tight. Check this by holding the elastic and jiggling it, there should be minimal movement. You may need a second elastic to secure the ponytail tightly. The secret to a good bun is a tight ponytail!
4. Begin twisting ponytail; continue to twist ponytail until hair starts to twist around itself.
5. Manipulate the twisted hair around the base of the ponytail to form a spiral, continually flattening hair/spiral-twist on to head. (This should look like the pastry called a ‘snail’ has been stuck on the child’s head)
6. Fasten with three or four bun pins. (This is to briefly hold the bun in place while you prepare the hair net. These few pins are not enough to hold the bun securely for class.)
7. Use a bun net to cover bun. This tidies up all wispy bits. Place net over the bun enclosing it, twist net and wrap it around bun again, enclosing the bun a second time. (Note: as bun nets are fragile, you will get greater longevity by removing all pins first and net second when taking hair out.)
8. Shape the bun through the net, removing the original pins if necessary.
9. Fasten with bun pins. Pins should be placed at the eight major compass points.

To put pins in
(a) Hold the pin correctly – To do this, place the pin flat on the child’s head (anywhere). To do a bun you need to work with the pin on this plane, not on the plane where one prong is on the head with the second prong in the air.
(b) Holding the bun pin correctly, place the tips of the pin through the outer edge of the bun at 90 degrees/ perpendicular to the head. Insert the bun pin until it touches the scalp.
(c)Having caught some hair at the outer edge of the bun, lay the pin almost flat on scalp so it is now parallel with the head, check you still have hair caught in the end of the pin.
(d) Continuing to work parallel to the head, slide/push the pin in-between scalp and pony tail elastic to opposite side of bun.
(e)Repeat for remaining seven pins, working north, south, east & west, then the diagonals.

10. Spray hair all over with water or hairspray and comb tendrils back towards the bun.
11. Secure flyaway hair with bobby pins, clips or a headband.
12. Ask your child to vigorously shake her head. The bun should be immovable.
13. This may take a little time to do with confidence and ease, but like dancing itself, a little practise goes a long way.


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