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Dance Theatre of Orange Code of Conduct

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Dancing Manners

To help students understand the discipline associated with dancing we have some rules for class time, general behaviour and respect for the school. These rules provide a code of conduct I refer to as dancing manners. Adhering to these rules will help maintain a positive, productive, and friendly environment for students, parents and teachers.


As dance is a disciplined art, many students will need your help to reinforce dancing manners. This can be done by you leading by example and perhaps a quiet word to your child if needed. Please see the following as a guide to maintaining the warm and friendly atmosphere we have become known for.

  • Assist your child to arrive at class on time
  • Be positive and supportive of your child’s efforts
  • Show appreciation for performances of all students
  • Respect and follow the advice and direction provided by teachers
  • Collect your child promptly; there is no supervision available in the change area
  • If your child has siblings who come to the studio as part of the dropping off or collecting

    - please ensure all siblings are aware the studio is part of shared property and hence do not disrupt people in neighbouring businesses
    - please ensure siblings do not touch the dividing wall between the waiting area and the studio
    - please ensure siblings do not treat the school as a play area

  • When attending demonstration classes there are a few extra things to help the students feel at ease

    - please do not talk - it’s very disconcerting for the students, who are trying very hard
    - please arrive promptly for the start of the class, do not disrupt the class
    - please ensure siblings are quiet



For Class

What to do
  • Be on time to each class
  • Wear appropriate dance clothes and shoes to class in accordance with the uniform requirements
  • Have hair up, tightly secured, and off the neck before class starts (girls)
  • Remove all jewellery before class (small earring studs excepted)
  • Have appropriate clothes on when arriving and leaving the school. No student is to leave the studio in dance gear without some covering clothes

What not to do
  • Have gum in the school
  • Bring soft drinks to the school
  • Eat food in the dancing studios
  • Leave the premises without a parent / guardian or parental permission.
  • Enter an unattended studio (a teacher must be in the studio before students may enter)
  • Touch another dancer’s property
  • Bring valuables to the studio

For Behaviour

What to do
ballet school
  • Be polite and respectful to teachers
  • Respect fellow students
  • Help promote a positive environment at all times
  • Treat all students as you would like to be treated
What not to do
  • Disrupt class
  • Bully
  • Spread malicious gossip
  • Isolate other students


For the School

What to do
  • Care for and respect the equipment, facilities, costumes and props of DTO
  • Put any rubbish in the bins
  • Respect and be polite to people working in or visiting neighbouring businesses/offices
  • Walk sensibly and quietly to the bathroom, remembering that this is common property for all residents in the building.
  • Behave respectfully when in public as a representative of our school
What not to do
  • Linger in the toilets
  • Touch the dividing wall between the waiting area and the studio
  • Treat the studio as a playground
  • Speak meanly of or to students from other dance schools


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