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Welcome parents & students to the Dance Theatre of Orange.

Lesson Times


Enrolment form

Code of Conduct






Dance Theatre of Orange teaches syllabuses structured by two internationally recognised societies.
Ballet: Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) - which is the world’s largest ballet training and examining body.
Modern & Tap: Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) - which is one of the world’s leading dance examinations boards operating for over 100 years.


Students are initially placed in classes with students of similar age or ability. In situations where a new student with limited dance experience enrols, s/he is usually entered into a class of similar dance standard rather than with more experienced dancers of similar age.


All training is focused on the needs of the individual student. All grades in the school are aligned with the structures set out by the RAD and ISTD. Students are trained to progress through these grades. Progression through the grades is dependant upon the child achieving the requirements of that grade. All training is given to exam standard although exams are not compulsory.


While students are eligible to be entered for exams from Pre-Primary level (approximately age 5), I tend to not enter students for exams until approximately 7 or 8 years of age. The decision to enter exams is made after discussions between the teacher, student and parent.
Students wishing to participate in ballet exams will be required to attend two ballet lessons each week; for senior students this increases to three lessons per week. Students wishing to participate in modern and tap exams will be required to attend one class per week. All exam candidates will require extra lessons during term 3 in anticipation of exams.
Information regarding exams is handed out as the closing dates for the entries approach. Most ballet, modern and tap exams are held in Orange and usually in August/September each year. However, senior ballet exams are conducted in Sydney or Canberra at varying times of the year. Examiners are chosen at random by the head office in Sydney (for RAD) and London (for ISTD).


To ensure the safety of your child, please accompany her/him to the change room and ensure there is a teacher present before leaving your child. Similarly, please collect your child from inside the venue at the end of the scheduled class time. Teachers cannot supervise your child outside the classroom. If you know you will be late in collecting your child, please inform the teacher at the start of the lesson.
Please adhere to collection times. In the past students have been left well beyond the conclusion of their class time. Once classes conclude, it may not always be possible for teachers to wait for a child to be collected.
Please re-iterate to your child the importance of not waiting in the street for collection.


Please inform Marianne of any injuries/medical conditions which may affect your child’s dancing.
Please inform Marianne of any allergies your child has, particularly ones which may result in an anaphylactic reaction.
When providing snacks for your child, please ensure these do not contain nuts.


We are generally not an eisteddfod school. On rare occasions we may participate in an eisteddfod but this would be a non-compulsory event. On such occasions, if a group is being considered for an eisteddfod, all members would be forewarned and then only the willing students would be required for rehearsals – these would be at a separate time to regular lessons.


Tuition fees are charged on a per term basis (which is the industry standard practice). Invoices are handed to the student in their first lesson of the term. Fees are due within 28 days of receipt of invoice; payment can be made by cash or cheque. All outstanding fees must be paid before your child can recommence dancing the following term.


There are times in the dance calendar when students perform for an audience. This includes the concert and the in-class presentations. These performances are often videoed/photographed either by a professional or by parents. In accordance with child protection protocol, a permission slip will need to be signed by parents allowing their child to be filmed/photographed. The slip is on the bottom of the Enrolment Form.
Please contact Marianne if you do not wish your child to be photographed.