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Uniform List and Grooming Information

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All grades: - Purple leotard
- Ballet tights or short pink socks
- Pink ballet shoes
Tiny Tots - as above, but leotard colour pale blue



Pre-Primary to Grade 2
- v-necked, singlet strap leotard, colour French rose (pale pink)
- pink skirt (Pre-Primary and Primary only)

Grade 3 to 5 - v-necked, singlet strap leotard, colour lavender

Grade 6 to 8 - leotard chosen by students and teacher
- full circle chiffon skirt
- scarf

Grades 1 to 8 - black character skirt, (please see me regarding use of studio skirt)
- black character shoes (please see me regarding heel height)

Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Adv Foundation, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2
- black or navy leotard of own choice
- demi-pointe and pointe shoes



All grades: - purple leotard
- tan tights (dance specific)
- jazz shoes with split soles, camel colour
- tap shoes with Techno taps, camel colour



All grades: - the same as for lessons New students can wear casual clothing (t-shirt and shorts) for the first few lessons; when trying tap lessons, please wear hard soled shoes, such as school shoes or sandals.



The dance uniform can be purchased from the ballet shop (Kingfisher School Gear) or from our second hand clothing pool. When purchasing from the ballet shop, clearly state the name of our school as well as the style of dance (ballet, modern, tap) to ensure you get the right gear.
Stores such as Target sell leotards in the deep purple colour. While I love a bargain, these leotards are not value for money. These leotards have not been designed by a dance manufacturer, and hence, the fit is truly awful! The leotards are too low cut at the chest, the straps fall off the shoulders every time the student moves and are baggy in the bottom. Please do not purchase your leotards from discount stores.
If you are looking for a discount leotard, the ones in our clothing pool will be a better fit than Target ones.

Please do not wear leotard, tights, and dance shoes on the street. Dance clothing is not street wear; the form fitting design of leotards is inappropriate for children to wear outside the class environment. Children should either change clothing at the studio or wear street clothing over the top of their dance uniform. Appropriateness aside, dance wear is not designed for outside use. Dance shoes are specifically designed for class work; wearing dance shoes on the street will shorten their lifespan considerably and leotards and tights will be vulnerable to damage.



Well groomed hair is one of the most basic disciplines of dance. Students are required to come to class with hair in a neat bun. All tendrils, wispy bits and overly long fringes need to be secured with pins, headbands or hairspray.
Long hair which gets in the student’s face, particularly the eyes, alters the ability to practice correct technique, is distracting, impedes performance and is bad discipline. I am more than happy to show anyone the finer art and tricks of putting in a bun. Select Buns Link for instructions on bun styling and please ask me if you would like help.



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